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Mantou, when the head of the barbarian was cut

The typical cuisine is derivedpurely from Commerce Cityof Pare-Pare in South Sulawesi and the localbusiness communityhouseholds. His nameMantou bread, snackstypical of Chinese cultureassimilation has becometypical snacks in the town of Pare-Pare.Mantau breadmade from wheat flour, it feels different from ordinarybread, especially in taste and the delicious. 

Mantou bread is very tasty when fried orsteamed before eating. When fried, bread mantau issue the tempting aroma. Mantau is a kind of steamed bread, similar buns are made from rice flour and yeast. The difference Mantou has no contents in it, and the texture is more dense than Mantoubuns.Mantau or Mantou bread is actually a staple food in northern China region. These foods are also mostly found in the culinary area in Beijing as Wangfungjin, JiumenStreet which is home to sell snacks in Beijing or in restaurants are there in Beijing.In the area of  northern China, food is food that is expensive, because the materials used arecarefully selected ingredients and high quality. 

Mantou has a sweet taste, and solid, yetvery soft when chewed. Mantou shape is generally rectangular bubble, the bubble ofthe side over the top. In Chinese, the word Mantou means “Head of People Barbarian“.This story is a popular story of the Kingdom Period, when Zhuge Liang (armycommander) led the fight against the Shu forces, after defeating Meng Huo barbarianruler. Along the way, Zhuge Liang met with the river current was very swift. Zhuge Liang’s troops can not pass through the rivers, then the barbarian ruler informed him that the way to cross the river is at the expense of 50 heads barbarian, to appease the guardian deity of the river. 

Zhuge had other ideas, he also made a bread dough that resembles a human head, then he kills cows and horses, and the meat is filled into thebread, similar to a real human head. Zhuge Liang and his men then threw the contents of the bread into the river, and eventually he and his troops managed to cross the river.From the initial size of a human head with a lot of meat content, the Tang Dynasty, with the smaller of the earlier and later made  no later called Mantao content.

Mantau bread became popular and well known in Pare-Pare since 2007 and became a distinctive culinary previously it could only be found in the city. It is not known who started the bakery business mantau, but see the ethnic mix of the dominant culture ofthe Chinese people who live in the town of Pare-Pare, then obviously this culinarystems from them. Mantau bread was first discovered in the shop light rays which until now still producing bread mantau in Pare-Pare. 

Although this time, bread has been found dipelbagai mantau place, but the bread mantau of Pare-Pare and the imageretains its own distinctive scent. Until now, bread mantau retains its flavor is sweet andgentle though it was in production in various forms and mix of flavors, but the production of his native city, Parepare still retaining its natural flavor.

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