Thursday, 2 July 2015

Tourism Investment Opportunity in West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sumare is located in the area Tappalang, Mamuju, West Sulawesi. This area is contoured hill with a stretch of coast extending for kilometers, inhabited by the dominant society is fishing. The scenery in this area is very beautiful so planned by the developers to be developed as a tourist area, especially nautical tourism.

This coastal region require investment cooperation and ready for sale to investors. This a good Investment Opportunity in West Sulawesi Indonesia especially to Real Estate for Tourism development.

Sumare beach its name, located in Mamuju, western Sulawesi, Indonesia. This area will developed as a tourism destination. Unspoiled beaches, natural and sustainable. 

The area to be developed, Sumare has had resort and several standard amenities to simply indicates that this region will be developed. There is a wooden building, gazebo, dock and complementary facilities are mainly made from wood.

The area offered an area of 19 hectares. Land investment is prepared in the form of mountains and beaches. License and all documents are complete, the investor can directly build smoothly as planned. 

Distance beach Sumare the district capital just 15 km. Sumare coastal areas also in the development of the construction of the canal road directly leading to the district capital.

Cooperation plan is the development of investment in Sumare Real Estate for tourism purposes. Besides the natural beauty of the mountains of the exotic and charming, Sumare also has a beach that conditions are still very pure and natural, is a potential to develop underwater tourism.

It is desirable investment cooperation in this Sumare, special cooperation of foreign investors.

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