Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Seko, Rental rates most Expensive Motorcycles in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

Seko or Wono is a plateau region that is at ± 1200m-1800m above sea level. The village is located in the border triangle between West Sulawesi, South Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. SEKO is part of the largest and farthest districts with a distance of about 120 km from the capital of North Luwu. Consists of 12 villages that everything is definitive status with the topography mostly hilly territory. Throughout the span of the hill shrouded in thick fog, hung in height.

Landline drivable vehicles still a dirt road that has many obstacles such as the width of the narrow roads and wet soil conditions that tend to be difficult to pass vehicles. Traveling by motorcycle can be spent 4 days 3 nights for a distance that is only 45 KM from the District Rongkong / Limbong during the rainy season. If the weather is normal, the distance only spent 1 day before execution. The condition of the road to Seko, make motorcycle rental rate is the highest in Indonesia, even probably in Southeast Asia. Expensive rates was due because it takes special skills and master the terrain if desperate to take the journey. General rates commonly applied is Rp. 1 million - 1.2 million once go and return, depending on supply and weather conditions.

The average temperature per year of 18 ° -22 ° C. Culture and customs is a customs acculturation Toraja, and the indigenous people Seko. There are no special transportation other than walking excursions footpath from village to village. To carry goods usually used horses. Dialects and colloquialisms Seko Lemo like Toraja but smooth like speaking Javanese style. People build houses on the cliffs or in the foothills.

foto : Ivan Scooter - Sempugi

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