Saturday, 27 June 2015

Apparalang Beach, Heaven in the Middle of the Lagoon Reef

 Beautiful and exotic beaches named Appalarang is located in the village of ara, sub Bontobahari, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi. The location is very remote, so the beach Appalarang rarely visited by people. Formerly, only local people who knew him so mystical nuance into the atmosphere in the region.

The distance from the district capital Bulukumba to the village about 35 Km fig that must be taken to arrive at that location, then added about 5 Km take the streets again inadequate for four-wheeled vehicles. There is absolutely no public transport to get to this beach location so it takes patience to visit this beach location.

Beach which has an abundance of charm, it would spoil the eye. A view of the blue sea water and very clear, very beautiful natural atmosphere and a natural beach. Appalarang beach area surrounded by steep rock walls forming a lagoon so there is no sandy beach. Sea water immediately met with cliffs. However, there are also visitors who come to enjoy its beauty.

According to local residents, Appalarang coast was first discovered by a local resident named Amiruddin Rashid in 2011. The rocky beach is just beginning to be known by the public in November 2014 when the access road from the village of Ara to beach Apparalang already opened.

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