Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sendeng, Rare Traditional Martial Arts in Indonesia

Sendeng martial arts is the cultural heritage particularly in the area of ​​Bugis community is Sidrap and Sengkang, South Sulawesi. As happened in other cultures in Indonesia, Sendeng martial arts also reap polemic because Malaysia has claimed parried whacky as part of their cultural heritage.

In the history of this sendeng, the Malay people consisting of several tribes settlers who occupy various regions in Malaysia. One is the Bugis sailors, who at that time was known as the expertise to fight with the spirit of burning.

Wanderlust of newcomers the Bugis ensure that they often travel throughout the country and abroad by bringing knowledge, culture and arts combat them. When settled in Malaysia, one of which was popularized martial arts Sendeng. Martial Arts Sendeng intercourse with the Malay culture is successfully combined by the Bugis ancestors who migrated and settled in Malaysia.

In the martial arts Sendeng, there are ways and means attacking move his bare hands a unique and practical. Martial arts concentrate concentration reading eccentric motion and identify targets superimposed at the weak point to the opponent. In this ranking means to survive or not depending on the opponent's attack. Martial arts character typical of this bugis is fought in a narrow space, fractional step and a great unknown and hard punches.

In South Sulawesi, Martial Arts Sendeng impressed closed. In general, this martial art is taught in private, so it is hard to find a place to practice. The country of origin of this martial art, Sendeng instead become something very rare and only certain people are trained.

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