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Ritual of Traditional boat Building, Pinisi Heritage of Indonesia in Makassar

After going through several stages of preparation, the end date of March 8, 2015 with the cutting of the trunk main frame (keel) Pinisi done by architects Pinisi boat, Daeng Masarro together boat builders (Saawi) others. Sawi Pinisi all came from the village of Ara, Bulukumba.

Keel stem cutting ceremony (in Makassar commonly called Annatara 'Kalibiseang) boat named Pinisi Heritage of Indonesia, attended by officials, police officers, Navy and several other invited artists from the community in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Also present, contractors Pinisi (Panrita) Haji Ariawan. Haji Ariawan is a young entrepreneur and contractor Pinisi boat from Bulukumba which is a contributor to this Pinisi keel.

The event took place in front of the keel cuts Fort Rotterdam, coastal headlands of view, Makassar. The first process of making Pinisi Indonesian Heritage coupled with a ritual prayer called "Barazanji". Some of the attractions at the cultural art presented by the Community Bissu Segeri, Pangkep and Dance Pakkarena by Daeng Attack displayed as a complement to the show.

Procession cutting the hull Pinisi has several requirements such as when cutting the hull, it be permitted to use modern equipment. When settled in pieces, cuts should not stop until the keel beam was interrupted and cuts the beam must not fall to the ground.

Pieces of the front of the keel beam was cut, will be floated out to sea. This tradition as a symbol repellent reinforcements as well as a symbol of a husband who is ready to sail for a living. While pieces of the keel beam back, will be kept at home, it is a symbol illustrating that the sailors will be faithful wife waiting for her husband to go home.

Pinisi boat building takes several months to work through the stages. Exactly in August, the date of 14 to 15 August 2015, the boat will Pinisi scaled sea. Completion Pinisi still have to go through some adjustments and final settlement, particularly on the balance, screen and interior. Pinisi total completion, expected to be completed in the month November 2015.

Raw materials Pinisi boat is made of wood options such as Iron Wood, Wood Bitti, Teak, Wood and Wood Punaga Spinach. The workmanship is to follow the tradition of making Pinisi already made hereditary by Ara. Residents of the village of Ara, Bulukumba, has always been known expert in making Pinisi, from generation to generation.

By the time the boat Pinisi be scaled back to the sea, date of August 14 to 15 by 2015, a Cultural Festival involving South and West Sulawesi provinces held into art Cohesion events involving citizens, military, police, army, navy and Artists.

Once completed, this Pinisi boat will perform tasks and missions, which are as a means of Maritime Education for Students and Students that will involve many communities, Students and Students.

Source: kitaJi Pusaka mandiri

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