Friday, 24 April 2015

Playing with a Giant Turtle in Liukang Bulukumba

Captive breeding and breeding turtles on the island Liukang, Bulukumba South Sulawesi, do local residents for almost 7 years. Originally breeding activities only non-governmental and community agencies then slowly developed with NGO management and government.

This turtle breeding placed dipinggiran Liukang island by utilizing marine environment is clean and has not been contaminated so as to provide flexibility for the turtle to breed naturally and healthy. Dozens of these captive-bred turtles live in the local community supervision.

This turtle breeding placed some simple beach restaurant which is also a non-governmental and become one of tourism object Bukukumba fun. In addition to domestic tourists, many foreign tourists come to enjoy the turtle breeding in this Liukang island. Turtles were very familiar with the visitors and became friends playing in the water.

Captive Liukang island is also one tourist attraction that draws tourists from abroad, they are amazed by the turtles are very tame and can be invited to swim together.

Liukang located in coastal areas Bira Bulukumba. An area of the popular coastal tourist destination in South Sulawesi. It's easy to pay a visit to the island Liukang because only a distance within 10 minutes across the bay Bira, using chartered boats that were encountered on the beach Bira.

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