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Site of Bugis in Selangor Malaysia

Hampar stone in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia is one of the heritage sites of the royal line of Luwu Bugis who had held the royal government. According to the story of its history, paving stone is a place for people Bugis Luwu decapitated head of enemies and criminals. This site is located at the entrance of the town hill Melawati, Selangor. Stone surface measuring 5 x 5 x 2 feet. Stone is now a place of execution in the era of Raja Lumu Shah Ibni Sultan Salehuddin late Daeng Chelak 1705-1778 - Sudong Island.

Selangor is the last royal kingdom which appeared in the 18th century and diasaskan by Bugis where Raja Lumu who became the first Sultan of Selangor Sultan Salehuddin shah mat. In genealogy mentioned that Raja Lumu is the son of Daeng Kohl (Opu Daeng Cella). Until now, the Selangor royal stakeholders still a descendant of the royal Luwu.

Stone Hampar they stood within the city palace second defense where there are three steps of heading home measuring 30 x 30 feet. Uniqueness flagstones it is located above the sand but remained upright position is not tilted in the slightest. It is located on the hill Melawati is about 100 meters from the Palace area. Note also that this hill is the place to store royal treasures.

The stories are there to tell that this Hampar stone used as a place to punish adulterers to cut off his neck. Accommodated her blood and then spread around the area of ​​the paving stone. However, a descendant of the Selangor royal warlord Nokik Encik Bin Lakik who keep a close watch on the hill Melawati historical narrative that tells the other. He asserted that it was once a stone Hampar dwelling place of the Sultan of Selangor especially welcome the guests who will pay tribute to his kingdom. Additionally, flagstones it also functioned as a table to play chess emperor. Many people who know the past history of the Selangor royal justify it. (Source: bluesriders / photo: King of Luwu Bugis Sawerigading)

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