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One of the Ancient International Port in Indonesia

The period 1200-1600 is a radical transformation of the phase formation of the kingdoms in the lowlands of South Sulawesi which began in the thirteenth century. Kingdom lowland region is experiencing a transition from shifting cultivation to produce rice farming as the main products to be exchanged with the merchant islands.

The most vital trade area with the geographical conditions at the seaside when it is the Kingdom of Siang (Kasiwiang) in Pangkep and Suppa the neighbor kingdom kingdom bacukiki (Pare Pare). Both of these regions is estimated that mediate trade transactions lowland kingdoms with intercontinental traders X. Arrivals century Europe began arriving in 1542 were initiated by the Portuguese and finally open the main airport in Bacukiki year 1544.

The strength of the kingdom of Gowa who started victorious in the 16th century began to aggressively expand. The existence of commercial airports Siang kingdom shrink and ultimately affect the trading kingdoms of western Lake. The conquest of the kingdom of Gowa in Makassar then control system of trade and commerce ordered all city activities, especially in Bacukiki, immediately moved to Makassar. All skilled personnel who manage the city Bacukiki, transferred For managing commercial airport in Makassar newly built.

Notes from research Pelras, a Portuguese namely Antonio de Paiva, has traveled stop in the center of the Kingdom Siang and lived for some time in the afternoon, before heading north toward Central Sulawesi to find sandalwood. Year 1544, records de Paiva said that Gowa is a great city "that was once a subordinate kingdom Siang, but no longer so". (Pelras, 1973: 47). De Paiva report indicates the possibility of Siyang is at the height of glory and fame around Ages 14 - the end of the 16th Century Medium Airport Commerce Bacukiki which is the principal city of colonial Portuguese is also an important access in services trade center in Siang.

Siang kingdom, as an important trade center has influence spread to the entire west coast and the area LimaE Ajattapareng kingdom to the south border of Makassar, the Gowa-Tallo. In the mid-sixteenth century, the Kingdom of Siyang declining influence by the rise of new political forces on the west coast with a more strategic port, which is none other than the port belongs to the Kingdom of Gowa Somba Opu. Gowa and Tallo fellowship ultimately disastrous for Siang, until finally dead and forgotten, at the end of the sixteenth century. (Pelras 1977: 252-5).

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