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Types of Amazing Traditional House in Mamasa, West Sulawesi

Mamasa is one of the second-level region in the province of West Sulawesi. City district is located in the city Mamasa, Mamasa district is at a distance of 340 Km north of the city of Makassar or 290 Km southeast Produktion as the Capital City of West Sulawesi province.Traditional house in the district Mamasa has similarities with the house (Tongkonan) in Tana Toraja in terms of form, terms and background history of operation, it is very possible because both come from one family ancestors. 

As time goes by, there are specific differences of style, variety and decoration of each of the traditional house. One of the most prominent is the traditional house Mamasa using the dominant raw material wood materials are in Toraja, parts used, especially bamboo houses that are built today. In Toraja traditional house called Tongkonan, being in Mamasa called BANUA.

Types and levels, custom homes and traditional houses Mamasa there are several types according to the caste owners. Kind, among others:

Banua Layuk is The house is big and tall, complete with carvings. The house belonged to stakeholders hadat or leaders in the community. Banua word meaning house and Layuk means high, so banua Layuk means high house, both the shape and status of the inhabitants who are nobles or rulers. This house has four to five main rooms, sometimes there is room relaxing in front of the house, and is equipped with a panel of granary (Imperata pare) located in front of and beside the house. Special house of this kind, there is also a secret room (Tambing buni) inhabited only by the husband and wife and children were still smaller than the ruler hadat and also often used for secret talks in private two leaders who were negotiating.

Banua Sura' is home Mamasa equipped with engraving, but not as high as banua Layuk. The word sura 'means carving. The house is inhabited by the nobility, either the leader or ruler hadat or other high nobility and has four or more rooms, equipped with a relaxing space in front of the house and has a granary.

Banua Bolong is black Mamasa home. The word means black holes. The house is inhabited by the rich and brave in society. This house has four rooms or more, there is a front porch and equipped granary.

Banua Rapa' is home Mamasa with original color (not carved and discolored), owned by ordinary people, often equipped with rice storage made of woven bamboo round shape (talukun).

Banua Longkarrin is home Mamasa the lowermost part of the pole in contact with the ground covered with wood (longkarrin). The house is also inhabited by ordinary people.

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