Friday, 3 April 2015

Traditional Cakes like Inverted Cup

Traditional cake is simple and unique, its name using the local regional languages, namely Putu Cangkiri '. Putu Cangkiri 'consists of two syllables, namely Putu ie steamed cake of glutinous rice and Cangkiri'; Bugis language which means "cup". This cake is a traditional snack that can be found in almost every area in South Sulawesi.

Putu Cangkiri 'This is a snack of sticky rice that resembles the bottom of the cup if the position is placed upside down.

Putu Cangkiri 'is usually made with two flavors, which is sweetened with brown sugar and white sugar. If using brown sugar, then color Cangkiri Putu 'also did the red when using white sugar (sugar). Crockery typical, ie conical molds and tools simple steamed.

Price Putu Cangkiri ', usually varies, depending on the condition of the area where buy. Prices generally is Rp. 1500, - / cake. In general, Putu Cangkiri 'in peddling on the roadside.

South Sulawesi is coconut-producing areas and brown sugar. The materials that are the raw material for making Putu Cangkiri '. Putu Cangkiri 'into a thriving culinary business among low income people because it did not require a large capital.


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