Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Traditional Cheese only One in Indonesia

Cheese is one of the most nutritious foods in the world and became a famous staple food, specially in Europe. Cheese production is the result of condensation of pure milk and allegedly first discovered in the middle east. In Indonesia, the cheese became one of the prestigious supplement for middle and upper class society.
Did you know that in Indonesia, the only food-producing areas such as the cheese there is in Enrekang, South Sulawesi. This a local cheese is a popular traditional food in South Sulawesi with name is Dangke. This local cheese is made using buffalo or cow’s milk as a raw material and processed through the process with the help of milk clotting protease enzyme from papaya leaves and fruit. This simple cheese processed in a natural way, without any chemicals at all and are very nutritious.

The process is simple: milk cow / buffalo was filtered to separate the milk prior to fermentation. The milk then cooked with a minimum temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, then mixed with papaya latex. This sap to separate the fat, protein, and water. In addition, papaya latex material serves to solidify the milk. Once fat, protein, and water separated, then do the printing process. The tools used to print dangke also use traditional tools, that is the coconut shell. After this process, Dangke whitish with a conical shape that was wrapped in a banana leaf for durability.

Until now, Dangke still produced by small industries of local communities in the traditional way. Although Dangke become commodity products Enrekang and flourished but the pattern of production and marketing strategy is not adequate at all. Enrekang Tourism Office admitted that Dangke this product already crossed into the country of Malaysia and Japan, but production is still running at the level of development of small industries. No major investment glance because of lack of promotion and not be given the top priority scale.
The main cause of the problems of dangke unpopularity is due to the lack of touch technology food production and packaging procedures. Dangke product will have a sale value and good taste if presented in a more contemporary touch through technology and hands-cooker cooker handal.Selain, the availability of raw materials derived from cattle and buffalo should ensure stock production needs with quality assurance high.

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