Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Legend of the Curse in Mampu Cave

in an area about 35 km north of the city Watampone, Bone regency, South Sulawesi, there is a vast ancient cave. It is estimated that this cave has the largest cave chamber in South Sulawesi, with an area of ​​about 2000 square meters. Local people call this is Mampu cave.
Mampu cave is located in the village district Cabbeng, dua Boccoe in Bone regency. Trips can be reached by traveling overland between 60-90 minutes from the Bone district. Roads to the location is quite adequate. It is located on the slopes of Mount with a height of 250 m above sea level. When viewed from afar, the mountain resembles a form of ship an inverted position. On one side there is a hole mountain top which is directly translucent vertical cave in the ceiling mampu cave.

Mampu cave offers panoramic beauty and unique, a lot of tragic legend and legend known to curse. It is said that the story of the curse, Someone and the animal who had been in the area Mampu cave, turned to stone. Illustration of the legend can still be seen in a number of ornaments look like the shape of the rock creatures and filled the whole in cave room.
There are 15 sites in a cave that can be visited. Each of these sites, have stories and legends. To visit the 15 sites, it takes 2 days to explore the long hallway rocks in Mampu cave.
Along the way cave in search, there are many stone ornaments that resemble various forms, among others, form a large boat, tables, people, animals. One piece, there is a stone wall that have a sound like a large gong when tapped.
Local people are very purify this Mampu cave, because some parts of the cave, there are old graves and tombs of ancient kings who had ruled in this area. Unfortunately, because of the lack of guidance for caring for and preserving the historical heritage. Mampu cave, influenced the effect of social contamination. Much of this cave, already damaged, scratches are not important in the stone walls and unkempt. Local government, slowly begin building a community for the preservation of this cave, because many stores the history and story of the kingdom of high value.
Aside from the supernatural elements are believed to locals, and the lack of public knowledge of historic preservation, Mampu cave could still offering unique views and thrill of incredible adventure for the adventurous.

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