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Traditional Alkohol from Sugar Palm Tree

Fermentation of alcoholic beverages can not be separated from the cultural context of a society . Each community has a tradition of making a particular culture or consume liquor . For example , the French are very thick with the tradition of the famous winemakers .
In Indonesia , type of alcoholic beverage fermentation are found almost in a variety of areas with a different name . In Maluku known as Sofi , ciu in Central Java were and South Sulawesi in the form of a familiar Tuak known as Ballo ‘ .
Traditional liquor Bugis Makassar Tuak manifold , known as Ballo is composed of several kinds of materials according to the type of palm tree , Nipa and Tala / Lontara . Tree species to be planted raw materials according to local conditions such as palm tree grow in areas close to the waters of the river and mountains . Nipa trees are mostly found in coastal areas and many trees found in the region Lontara dry soil plains rocks .

The most popular production of palm trees results for Brown Sugar . This type of tree can be easily found almost found in every area of ​​northern Toraja region . While the tree is known as Tala Lontara more trees found throughout Gowa and southern parts of the region .
In Tana Toraja , traditional fermentation beverage has become a standard drink , especially in to complement the big event . Ballo ‘ became one of the priorities that must exist in the traditional ritual culture of Tana Toraja Toraja language is called ‘ inruk ‘ . In any traditional or customary ritualistic feast Toraja , ‘ Ballo always there , either as a complete ceremony , and drinks for the guests . People living in these mountains have a different perspective about the ‘ Ballo . Drink ‘ Ballo , used as a medium warm up in the cold but it is also believed to increase energy .
When the time of the Kingdom of Gowa , Papyrus tree become the primary means for the royal manuscripts written on leaves of the tree . At that time the media have found the right place to be material to write . Previously only thought to take advantage of coconut leaf midrib as media store fatwas kingdom . When it leaves the selection of Papyrus ( 14th century ) because the paper is not yet known , while the trees continue to grow Papyrus of Gowa and pervasive . Manuscripts , was originally written in Katangka tree bark , rocks and animals , it’s just the quality of writing is not durable 
Papyrus tree became a typical plant in Gowa regency, Papyrus tree is then used as a symbol of masculinity for men . Almost all parts of this tree are useful for human life . For example , the stem is used as a pole house or plow fields . While fiber is made ​​of woven hat or other . The fruit can be eaten immediately and can be used as snacks . Additionally Tala fruit can be processed into sugar and fermented beverages from Tala fruit concoction that later appeared Makassar traditional fermentation called ” Ballo ” . Ballo is a wine that is believed to be the type that can maximize energy drinks to work and activities .
Papyrus tree species are easily found throughout the peninsula region , since ancient fruit known as Tala produced specifically for a drink Ballo . It is said that in days of yore , a traditional drink is used as a symbol of virility for the fighters . According to a source , after drinking Ballo , will arise in him and the courage to face an opponent without thinking about the risks .
There is no source that ensures since when Tuak or Ballo ‘ is a traditional drink of the people , but in its cultural history , Ballo has become a kind of complementary offerings on certain conditions in the cultural traditions of South Sulawesi , especially in People Party.

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