Friday, 20 March 2015

Strange House in the Ancient Village Selayar

The village called Village Toa Bitombang in Selayar Regency is one oldest villages in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The uniqueness of ancient architecture makes Bitombang village was named as one of the best tourist destinations in South Sulawesi. Bitombang old Village location is 7 km from the town of Fort, Selayar. This village is very unique because of its natural topography and hilly terraces, to adjust the contour, then almost all the houses made towering mast height 13-15 m on the back (kitchen), while the front is rather low 2-3 m. Kind it wooden houses from the mast bitti / holasa with good quality and hold up to hundreds of years. Most of the people use bamboo roofs are neatly organized.
Uniquely, there are still many people in this village are generally elderly (over 90 years) but they are still strong working so the township is considered to have the blessing (Barakka * in local Language) for its citizens. Livelihoods in Bitombang people is farming and gardening.
Pole high home believed to be related to the longevity of the population in this ward. There are some hundreds of years old traditional houses remaining 6 pieces and was named Sapo. The indigenous inhabitants of the house is a hereditary family. One old people was named Yaho, almost a century old but still looks strong physically hard work and his memory is still perfect.
Most of the population in Bitombang still adheres ancient myths and various rituals. Belief some locals if the ritual is one of them there should be no one knows about exorcists and planting something in the ground around the house to ensure that the rituals and customs Charm efficacious.
According to one resident is Nur Hakim said the village has been ogled by Regency Selayar with simple management without altering the original condition and not damage the environment naturalnya. Unfortunately, road infrastructure is not good to this township because it condition is steep climb.

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