Friday, 20 March 2015

Korean Mixture in a Language a Village in South East Sulawesi

The village of Cia cia in Bau -bau , Buton Southeast Sulawesi has a unique characteristic of the traditional language . Most of their ancestral language were similar to the Korean language .
The uniqueness of this tradition culture experts invited amazement Korean anthropologists to examine more in depth about the similarity of language Cia – cia with their language . In addition to language , some traditional artifacts also have similar properties such as buildings and some knacks decorating traditions like lighting lanterns .

There has been no official results were excluded from the study Korean anthropologists experts about their cultural similarities with a small village in the smells . Every month in the past few years , researchers and the academic culture of South Korea took turns visiting to Cia – cia and settled some time regularly to study the history and culture of Cia – cia . They are curious about the various allegations about the lineage of their ancestors that can be up in the Southeast Sulawesi.
Cia – cia village located about 15 kilometers from the Bau-bau district, Buton . The majority of the population are farmers income . Interestingly , the locals start from the old to the young children now have started also learn culture and language of Korea he wrote . They claimed to have no trouble learning verbal language because most of the basic Korean language they already know from their local languages ​​. Now , writing Korean language seems adorn official signpost signpost – government offices and schools .

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