Friday, 20 March 2015

Food Processors for Traditional Sailing in South Sulawesi

Degree master mariner ancestors inherent in the Bugis Makassar is still evident view of the track record of the past history of the sailors in Bonerate Island , a small island chain in the outer peninsula Selayar Islands regency , South Sulawesi . Community sailors who were on the island is famous for its expertise and mastery of design designing diverse sized boats varied based on origin pemesannya tastes .
One of the leading boat has ever archipelago ship sailed this country from the island Bonerate known is , ” Lambo boat ” . Traditional boat naming was , is now scarcely ever mentioned again .
Some literature says , In the past , fishermen Bonerate Island listed as belonging to a formidable group of sailors on the high seas with the ocean splitting rely wooden boats with makeshift screen the facility.

Surabaya city became one of the most crowded areas by sailors origin outer islands in the Islands District Selayar especially , when they will buy goods of daily necessity . Prices of basic needs in the city of Surabaya , is much more affordable than the prices of basic needs in the Capital District Selayar Islands alone . Not surprisingly , when Bonerate Island residents prefer to shop for their daily needs in the East Java capital . To get there , they have spent more than twenty- one days to take the ocean . In the long voyage , they meet their consumption needs by carrying supplies of maize meal with traditional food processing equipment , namely corn grinder .
Corn mill was permanently installed on board to facilitate the process of making corn rice and save costs during the sea journey until they arrive safely at the destination city . At least there are hundreds of ships and boats Bonerate traditional island equipped with tools made ​​from stone ground corn and zinc . Interestingly , the mill attached to one of the mast to avoid the tool thrown during storms or waves hitting the hull of a boat that rely on the screen without the aid of a machine at all . Until now , the use of traditional corn milling equipment still used by most local residents when a long voyage 

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