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Maldives in Pangkep South Sulawesi

foto: Disbudpar pangkep
Pangkajene districts and islands (Pangkep) with a sea area of ​​17,000 km has vast archipelago in 3 districts is District Liukang Tupabbiring, Liukang Kalmas and Liukang Tangaya. Tupabbiring Liukang districts consist of 40 islands and 10 uninhabited island is a region with a number of islands and the distance more islands are generally closer to the coastal district is a cluster with a coastal districts Spermonde islands.

Some areas of the outer islands, the distance is even closer to the NTT and Bali. Pangkep is an area that has the most extensive archipelago in South Sulawesi, even throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

The breadth of the territorial waters of this district has the potential for resource use and development of environmental services baharinya has not managed in an integrated manner and not widely practiced, especially in the region Spermonde Islands. Based resource realities spawned a variety of problems in the management of these resources so that should be a review of the study of ecological aspects in the development of marine tourism.
A new idea is planned by the local government started designing for marine tourism with water terminalisasi system. Such development has become one of the priorities in 2012. Nine islands has been confirmed as the early stages of development, especially related to local tourism, among others, the island Cambang-cambang, Pajenekang, Sapuli, badi, Panambungan, Kapoposan, Saranti, Turtle and Kassi.
One of the island among the nine islands is Cambang island, that its located at a central point in the center where the terminal is projected to be built various facilities such as hotels, port, restaurant and so on. In the design blueprint, Cambang-cambang Island serve as a recreation center and terminal for the boat that will take guests to the nearby islands. All supporting facilities specially packaged to pamper guests with modern nature architecture.
Development plan to the nine islands will be realized beginning in 2013, and has been proposed to the draft central and local budgets apart also involve outside investment. Some foreign investors such as Germany, the Netherlands and Malaysia have been looking for some of the island’s potential in Pangkep. They want to develop the islands in the area as a marine attraction. The foreign investors have visited at least seven islands in Pangkep like Germany and the Netherlands, in July 2012 have visited the island Clove or known as turtle island, Cambang island is a better known as Nirvana island, island Pa’jenekang, Badik island, island Saranti and Pamanggang island. While investors from Malaysia and some Dutch citizens also have to surf to study the conditions and the potential in some of the other islands.

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