Monday, 23 March 2015

Ritual Mutual Cooperation for Lifting Home

Bugis people who live in South Sulawesi have a tradition of moving house very unique. For Bugis people, moving house means a house move to a new location, not just a new house that is in another location. Bugis traditional house is in the form of wooden house that easily carried and moved to another location. At the time of transfer is exactly we can see the culture of mutual help residents of the village who are now very rare.

If a homeowner wants to move to another place not so far away, it is usually fairly raised by the villagers together. Work together to lift the house has become a tradition for the people in South Sulawesi.
The house was moved to be appointed also be the reason that the house has been sold, but not land. It is one of the features of the other houses on stilts. By the way appointed, moving house can work faster, cheaper, with the possible risk of damage due to disassemble less. The tradition of working together to lift the house can still be found in traditional remote areas in South Sulawesi.

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