Monday, 23 March 2015

Floating Village in Tempe Lake, Wajo

Floating village located in Tempe lake , Sengkang, South Sulawesi is a unique village where all the inhabitants floats on the surface of the lake . Construction of houses floating village is basically similar to the simple stilt houses of South Sulawesi society at large , but half the height of the pillars of the house there is a series of bamboo structure is bound to form rafts that make a house can float easily when water lakes experiencing high tide .
Floating house lake landscape in Tempe glance similar to the floating village in the village Ko Panyi , Phuket Thailand and the island of Cat Ba , Vietnam . However , the material floating villages on the lake Tempe is more dominant with traditional construction using bamboo material as the float homes , in contrast to the floating village in two places that are generally already using plastic drums for floater.

Number of floating houses in Tempe lake floating village now has reached 100 units and scattered over several lakes . Their livelihoods depend on the natural resources of the lake so that they strictly preserve the lake by applying the rules agreed upon verbally by the locals . According to Adi , one of the floating villagers explained that there are three main restrictions are believed to be and shall be met by the citizens that peace is not disturbed lakes ( of the supernatural category ) which should not be married in the lake , should not give birth over the lake and should not be passed above the lake . If any of the restrictions that happens , then the natural problems that are not profitable will come upon them .
Every citizen is always on alert when there are family members who will experience one of the three taboos , then immediately in the array to the nearest land around Lake Tempe . Their supporting facilities are a motorboat katinting kind multi-functional as a means of transport , supporting livelihoods and means of supporting tours take tourists who want to enjoy a panoramic tour berdarma Tempe lake .
Daily life of villagers floating in the lake Tempe goes well , all they need to date can be met well in spite of the distance is quite far from the mainland . Residents can interact with each moment in urban communities , especially Tempe lake is excellent tourism facilities in Sengkang districts so that could be a side income residents when they cater to tourists and domestic visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tempe . Sengkang District Tourism Department has also built a few units floating guesthouse in the village area as accommodation facilities for visitors and tourists who want to stay longer in Tempe lake .

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