Monday, 23 March 2015

Stalls over Rapids Flow

Thundering sound of waterfall burst among lush trees hill Eremerasa welcome when entering the area . This area is a local tourist attractions in the area Bantaeng , 80 km from the city of Makassar in South Sulawesi . The atmosphere is cool and beautiful . Eremerasa known as a municipal water source Bantaeng very abundant , from every corner of the rocks and cliffs surrounding issued a clear water flow and clear .
Clear water and cool, flowing down the sidelines through rocks and trees lush , flowing down to soak the entire area pedatarannya . The visitors can freely enjoy the coolness of the water because it was only knee-length adult .At the bottom again , there is a pool that was made specifically to accommodate the flow of water that then flows back to the river . The pool was very clean and a clean water flows naturally .

Interestingly , the area around the Eremerasa are small stalls in the simple form of traditional cafes , unique look , because it’s generally stalls located on the water rapids and just rely on the little wooden poles . Although made of wood , but it looks solid . This traditional cafĂ© serving coffee and tea as well as simple snacks such as fried bananas , cassava and breadfruit . Unique taste of traditional snacks while enjoying the stream of water flowing underneath.
Eremerasa region is a source of water which is very abundant and become one of the leading suppliers of community water needs Bantaeng , even for economic interests . That said , this Eremerasa springs never dry even in the dry season .

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