Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Korowai Tribe : Tree Man

Korowai tribes are numbered about 4,000 people living in the interior forests of New Guinea, they were previously regarded as the last group were confirmed to practice cannibalism or eat human flesh. For the Korowai tribe, cannibalism was a revenge consumption of demons that have taken human life and become part of the ritual is important to keep them safe from tribal members demon called khakhua.

Khakhua is a male witch, a creature who can disguise himself as a close friend or family member who selected victims. After the victim was asleep, the creature then kill and devour the entrails. If a person who becomes a victim in the name whispered his last breath, he mentioned the name of the incarnation khakhua who pounce. Name of the person who called it was not seen as a person anymore, but as a demon.

Khakhua be killed by an arrow made of the bones of birds and large original carved with deep spines along each side of the arrow. Once killed, the khakhua dismembered and cooked in much the same way if they cook pork. In this process, the Korowai tribe cannibalism process applies naturally because of the demands of the ritual. For culture Korowai tribe who adhere to the tradition of revenge, cannibalism is a form of justice, and will be done to anyone who is believed to be the devil incarnate Khakua. no matter who it was.

Korowai known as the human tree, have only recently begun to allow outsiders close enough to be able to see their living habits are still primitive. Korowai are one of many tribes who distinguish themselves, especially the art of architecture. They build homes in tall trees 30 to 50 meters from the ground. They live a simple life in society spacious family units. The main meal is 'sago' of a type of palm tree. The men go hunting so that fish and game animals often become the main menu of their dishes.

The existence of the newly discovered Korowai about 30 years laludi jungle of Papua, which was then still a population of about 3000 people. They live in an isolated, even until 1970, they did not know the whereabouts of any person other than their group. Korowai are one of the few tribes who do not wear a penis sheath Papua, Papuan tribal characteristic. The people of these tribes protect their penis by means of "pushed" into the scrotum, and the prominent skin, tightly bound by ropes of green leaves and a woman wearing a short skirt made of sago palm trunk fiber. ( Currently, the Korowai tribe began to understand the social relationships with the growing number of immigrants who visit their place.

JunglearchiPedalaman papua new guinea unknown in the outside world until the beginning of the 21st century and now has become the most famous attractions in the world. On the other hand, the isolation that have experienced has helped tribes inland to preserve the native customs and lifestyles. However, due to the greater number of tourists who come to this place, roads and facilities were built that will eventually change the social order of the tribal community.

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