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Expanse of verdant forestsappear stretched along thebanks of the river district area Saddang inwardlyBatulappaPinrangSouthSulawesiBatulappaconsists of 1 sub and 4 the village is known to have a protected forest area whichhas traditionally been thestate forest land with an area of ​​tens of hectares.
Forest area in Pinrang allegedly was running out previously about 80 thousandhectaresA total of 6 villages before 9 villagesincluding Salimbonganand Sali Sali-Batulappa still have a lush forest.
In the protected forest area in the region Batulappathere are types of trees that growvery unique and distinctive flourish naturally extends tens of hectares of forest. The locals call it the Tree camouflagebecause along the bottom of the tree trunk to thebranches of the skin has a typical mottled camouflage like army camouflageIt is not known since when the tree grows in the woods Batulappa but residents explained thatcamouflage tree had been there since the Japanese colonial occupation.
The number of camouflage tree is growing and thriving in the protected forestBatulappaNo locals who dared to disturb the tree forest camouflage, even to take atree that has fallen toothey do not dareThis camouflage tree clearly is within thestate forest with high protection and closely monitored by the locals.
Mottled camouflage type of tree is a kind of eucalyptus treeAccording Ocangone of the team Basarnas Pinrang explained that in recent years, there has been a routineresearch carried out by students at the University of Hasanuddin, but it is moreacademic and not for the purpose of exploration.
Types of camouflage tree in BatulappaPinrangclaimed to be the only forest of Eucalyptus trees in IndonesiaCamouflage tree species are also found in the protected areas Tirta Rimba PasarwajosmellsSoutheast Sulawesibut not as muchforest area in BatulappaIts type is differentstriated striped Batulappa Pinrang trees in the forest is seen more contrast and a more streamlined shape and height of the tree.

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