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Traditional clothes of the oldest in the World

Bodo Dress , clothing with simple symmetrical pieces , with the effects of bulging and loose , originating from South Sulawesi ‘s ethnicity , turned out to be one of the world’s oldest fashion . In 2007, in event the archipelago Fashion Festival in Kuta – Bali , renowned fashion designer Indonesia, Oscar Lawalata asserted , “bodo it is one dress of the oldest in the world … and the international community has not been informed, ” .
Bodo dress or outfit known as Tokko already known to the people of South Sulawesi in the mid- ninth century , this was confirmed from Muslin fabric history , the fabric used as a base material itself bodo clothes . Muslin fabric is a woven fabric sheets of cotton strands are woven with cotton thread . Has a density cavity and makes a tenuous thread Muslin fabric is suitable for tropical and dry climates .
Muslin cloth ( Europe ) or Maisolos (Ancient Greek ) , Masalia ( East India ) and Ruhm ( Arabic ) , recorded first created and traded in the city of Dhaka , Bangladesh , this refers to the record seoraang Arab merchant named Sulaiman in the ninth century . While Marco Polo in 1298 AD in his book The Travel of Marco Polo describes the muslin cloth made ​​at Mosul ( Iraq ) and sold by a trader called ” Musolini ” . Uniquely , the South Sulawesi first to know and wear this type of fabric than the European society , who ‘d known the XVII and newly popular in France in the XVIII century .
In early appearance , clothes tokko not over thin and loose clothes as character Muslin cloth . The interface is transparent so it is still revealing breasts , navel and curves of the wearer’s body . This was confirmed by James Brooke in his book Narrative of Events , Christian Pelras sebagaimna cited in Bugis man , saying ;
” Women [ Bugis ] wear casuals … A blade sheath [ cover waist ] to feet and loose clothing of thin muslin ( gauze ) , showing breasts and half of all body”
Brassiere usage in the 30’s not popular in the Land of Bugis . So it is not odd that at that time many Bugis women found use Tokko without wearing clothes topless .
Indeed , in traditional Bugis , every color of the clothes worn by women Tokko Bugis showing its age and dignity of wearer . The word ” Tokko ” , is expected to consider the form of the dress shirt shaped brackets without seam , the bottom is open , the top of the head -sized holes without a collar . The front does not have buttons or other adhesive , at the upper end of the left and right made ​​a hole the width of one inch . The hole serves as an entry and exit hole sleeve . On this basis it is then referred to as the shirt Pokko clothes , clothes that do not have arms . In the next, pokko turned into tokko .
In another version , it says the word comes from the word takku tokko , takku word itself is an expression to express social Starata nobility . It is consider the word Maddara Takku , which indicates someone who has the blood of noble descent . Literally , tokko clothes can be interpreted as a dress for the nobility .
Islam began to spread in Sulawesi since the V century , but it was officially accepted as a religious empire in the seventeenth century . Tight restrictions and party activity custom made ​​Bodo dress have to according to Islamic in South Sulawesi .
The controversy then addressed wisely by Gowa kingdom , up came the clothes bodo modification known Labbu Clothes ( similar to bodo clothes , but thicker , baggy , long up to knee) . Slowly , the original tokko thin clothes turn into thicker and seem stiff . If at first wearing muslin ( gauze type of fabric ) , next bodo clothes made ​​with silk thread .
For religious groups , the clothes labbu this is the best solution , does not violate Islamic law and also does not eliminate traditional values ​​. So , when popping bodo clothes with a variety of models and variations , as is the case today , that’s a form of human cultural construction Bugis – Makassar today . Bodo dress combinations and variations that exist today , proved to be accepted by various groups and walks of life . Bodo clothes no longer just a traditional dress , but can be worn to formally event. 

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