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Toala Tribe, The Oldest Tribe With Height 150 cm

Toala tribe or tribal Pannei , is the name of an indigenous group located in the district Pangkep and Maros South Sulawesi. Suku Toala is a native of South Sulawesi who inhabit Pata’E in Lomoncong Leang village located at the end of Maros regency. Toala ethnic minority communities themselves become Leang – Leang village which is inhabited by a majority of the Bugis who live most of the work on the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry. Additionally Toala tribal community is also located in the district and county Pangkep Polewali Mandar .
Toala tribes , in the district and county Pangkep Polewali Mandar better known as tribal Pannei. Ethnicity Toala somewhat different from the other tribes in Sulawesi . They have Weddoid races , such as the Kubu and Lubu in Sumatra . They have dark skin , curly hair and a body size that is not high , about 150 cm .
According to the researchers , people Toala is the oldest tribes in South Sulawesi , even the oldest on the island of Sulawesi . Sulawesi has been present on earth since the days Mezolithicum , the younger Stone Age , about 5000 years ago , even researchers who say that the ancestors of the tribe Toala has been around 8000 years BC . This was the true tribal Toala sourdough Sulawesi island , on the island of Sulawesi when still united with the mainland of Southeast Asia , according to the theory of glaciers . They come in several waves in small groups , spread throughout the territory in Indonesia.
There are traces of ancient tribal Toala also in Southeast Sulawesi , so there’s a story in that tribe Toala Southeast Sulawesi is one of the first residents in South East Sulawesi. That is found in  Leang – Leang Cave , Maros regency located in South Sulawesi province in the mountainous region altitude of 800 meters above sea level . On the walls of this cave are former image palms and soles of human feet , apart from that there are also pictures of boats , deer and wild boar . It is the traces of human life in this age , who allegedly was Toala ancestral tribes in the past .
According to the researchers that this place was the ancestor of the tribe Toala make this cave as a place to live . Unique path leading to the cave , go through the steps as much as 999 pieces . In the Leang – Leang Cave is also found flakes ( arrowhead end sides jagged ) .
Toala rate ( Pannei ) is currently estimated to have a population of 250,000 tribal people orang. The people Toala ( Pannei ) at their living as farmers . They manage rice crops in the fields. Most of them are also there who choose the profession as a fisherman . In addition, some of them being artisans who produce various types of crafts .

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