Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Kalosi Coffee, One of the Best Coffee in the World

Dp Kalosi coffee (Arabica tipika) is one of the best coffee produced from Enrekang, South Sulawesi. No wonder if the coffee is very popular with people of the world, especially Europe and America Continent. The price is exorbitant, for one kilogram of coffee Kalosi reach 180 dollars or equivalent to Rp 180 thousand per kilogram if the dollar exchange rate prevailing Rp10000 per dollar. While regular coffee price only Rp 9,300 per kilogram.

Conditions Enrekang with a height of up to 2,000 meters above sea level (asl) is indeed very possible the growth of plantation crops and vegetables are fertile. One of plantation crops in this area are known to the Continent of Europe and America, namely coffee. These plants, can only be grown in the highlands, as well as in Enrekang.

Coffee development Kalosi DP performed as an icon and a brand mark Enrekang. Unfortunately, according to the Regent Enrekang, H La Tinro Latunrung, coffee plant is almost extinct. This special coffee trees are now left a few trees. "On average, each household remaining one to two trees alone," said La Tinro. The decreasing coffee tree is made regent was concerned. "If this (Dp Kalosi coffee, red) is not resolved, I believe coffee Kalosi will become extinct and only the memories of the past," he said at the home office of Regent Hall, some time ago.

Starting from a concern that, he seeks to restore the glory of this dp Kalosi coffee in cooperation with leading educational institutions in the province, the University of Hasanuddin (UNHAS). This cooperation is carried out for the purification of arabica coffee tipika or better known, coffee Kalosi Dp. This effort continues amid growing concerns about the extinction of this type of coffee tree. In fact, unmitigated, Regent Enrekang, H Latinro La Tunrung immediately instructed his staff to prepare 30 hectares of land for breeding Coffee Kalosi.

Government Enrekang really serious about wanting to restore the image of Coffee Kalosi, as the best coffee in the world. He Tinro revealed, the extinction of coffee Kalosi dp due to very low production. Coffee production Kalosi only capable of producing 300-500 kg per hektre. While regular coffee is capable of producing 2 tons per hectare. The difference in the number of proxies is what makes people prefer regular coffee cultivation.

But he did not despair and pessimism. As a regent with the background businessman, it makes it challenging to overcome this problem. The same thing is said Head of Estates, Department of Agriculture and Plantation Enrekang district, UmarSappe, "The prices on the world market, for coffee Kalosi DP of 180 dollars per kilogram, while arabica coffee usually only Rp9,300," he said. To that end, he continued, the Department of agriculture and plantation Enrekang continually strive to make improvements and development Kalosi Dp coffee. "Some areas we will make it as a development of Arabica coffee tipika (Kalosi Dp-red), as in nating, Bone-bone, Masalle, Buntumondong and Bungin," he said. He added, according to the instructions regent, it has set up a land area of ​​30 hectares in the village Sawitto District of Bungin for purification and make the seed source. "The result will be a source of arabica coffee seeds tipika (Kalosi) which is almost extinct.

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