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Ancient Ritual About Thanksgiving in Luwu

Coastal communitiesPalopoSouth Sulawesi in the development of rapid developmentindigenoustraditions still preserve their heritageThe one that heldthe ritual celebration eventcalled by the local peoplethat Maccera Tasianembodiment form of humanrelationship and gratitude towards the Creator over abundance of blessings to all aspects of lifeMaccera meansGiving blood (sacrifice) and Tasi means Seais the tradition of Tana Luwu society which is still preserved todayThe goalas a venue for expression of gratitude to the naturalruler over the fortune of the natural abundance of the sea that has been enjoyed bypeople for this.
The three main objectives of the ritual macceratasi firstas an expression of gratitude toGod for the abundance of natural marine fortune that had been enjoyed by mankind.Secondlyas a venue for community and friendship of all components of fishingAndthirdfoster and build good relationships and harmony in the societyImplementation ofthis traditional party held after the Islamic holidays.

Thanksgiving Ritual in Tana Luwu, was first implemented by Datuk Sulaimana Muslimleader who brought Islam arrived in LuwuBuffalo head that has been cutlowered tothe sea is a symbol of food given to marine life that means that something is eaten from the sea can breedAfter breedingmarine life such as fishand others can be harvestedagain to meet the needs of human life.
In their famous Mythologie that I La Galigo called that in the earliest period (In IlloTempora), earth or atawareng”, empty and deadNone of the living creatures thatdwell on earthThe situation was described by the script I La Galigo that no creatureflying skiesthere is no creature that slithers on the face of the earthand no creaturesthat swim in the ocean.
Upon the recommendation of the ministers that BalasaariuRuma` Makkompong,Sanggiang PajungRukelleng Pobathrough a consensus among all the Gods Ruler of the entire universe is a good layer of Boting Langi” or Heaven or of Toddang Toja” orbasic ocean sevenththen TopalanroE or the Creator decided to create life on earth oratawareng thiswith the aim that one day they will say a prayer begging safety whenthey are overwritten disasters and calamities and or say prayer of Thanksgiving” whenthey got the grace and fortune of the Almighty.
The story of the manuscriptI La Galigo that the grip of custom and tradition of the people of Luwu toimplement Maccera Tasiwho then carried downthrough generations.Implementation is doneright on the edge of the beach shoreline at high tideand low tide is the farthestlimit of two meetings between the ecological environment or meeting betweenterrestrial habitat with sea habitatsThis event process underlies the functional relationship between every living thingFlora and Faunaand the relationship of theentire universe back in order and placed on the actual proportion in harmonyfollow the conditions set by the Creator as a natural law that must be obeyed.
Since the arrival of Islam in Tana LuwuMaccera Tasi still be implemented withoutchanging its essenceaqidah or ritual has been adapted to Aqidah and Islamic Lawin accordance with the customary rules of Luwu that saysPattuppui ri - Ade’E,Mupasanrei ri - Syara’E“, independently means that every action and activity shouldalways be based on customary and religious law of Islam rests on.
This event started in the morning at sunrisewith the hope that the abundance offortune will always rise like the morning sun is rising diufuk eastWhen opening itthe boat convoy slowly headed to the ceremony ance or tower erected on the sea surface.
The boat ride Pua` Puawang” carrying Sebbu Kati” (dish) was in front followed byPincara Datu Luwu and Puang Ade or Indigenous StakeholdersThen followed by the boats that carry Rakki” or meal which is placed in a decorated stretcherseach of which is taken by any group of people fishing from any beach VillagesAfter thatfollowing the fishing boats that participated in the eventAt the time the motorcadearrived at the boat ancethen Pincara Datu Luwu and Puang Ade (stakeholderstraditionfollowed by Rakki carrier boats and fishing boats immediately taking place on the waterfrontWhile the boat Pua Puawang Sebbu Kati carrying around ance‘ three timesA set of agricultural tools such as hoesplowsand other boats also brought inPua Puawang, which is a symbol Growers Community participation in the event the Sea Party.
In generalnya processitalso serves to integrateMacceraTasi fishing communities living in coastal areasthe farming community which dwells inthe land / mountains at anevent in prayer and thanksgiving are performed simultaneouslyThen do theshow Massorong SebbuKati” or submit a dish as well as a sign of gratitude and prayers of the community of fishermen and farmers communities jointly conducted by Pua Puawang. A fish is then released in a state of life that had previously been fed a piece of pure gold which is asymbol of Respect” to the sea creatures and the environmentAfter the benedictionwas pronounced above ance or tower ceremonywhich is spoken by Pua‘ Puawangwhile accompanied by a girl who is a virgin (virgin tennawettepathe full traditional costume (mabbulaweng) which symbolizes sincerity and purity of intention executionSea Party event or Maccera the Tasi.
The process of Mappangngolo Rakki” or handing treats which stakeholders-adatcommunity turns Coastal Villages handed four-color plate of sticky rice (SokkoPatanrupaand a pair of grilled chicken whole Puang presented to Datu Luwu and Ade.Glutinous rice four colors symbolize the four main elements of nature: earth, firewaterand windwhich also symbolizes the essential elements of the human bodybones,fleshblood, and breathAn egg on top of the glutinous rice symbolizes unity in theunity of style mini AlmightyA pair of grilled chicken symbolizes the participation andinvolvement of all levels of society.
After Datu Luwu and Puang Ade receive one by one offering itthen one of theIndigenous Stakeholders divide the meals of each worship (lise Rakkito the Puang Adeand the Invitation and in the presentIf there are two or more fishing communities thatonce the dispute over the past yearit is usually Opu Ande Teacher Attoriolong on behalf of Datu Luwu ordered that both the fishing community exchange Rakki” to be eaten togetherThus both fishing communities were considered to have mutualforgiveness forgivingBecause the culture of Luwu if there are two parties havemutually eating food or drinking water eachthen the dispute or ill will between themare considered lost.
MacceraTasi the end of the series when the entire audience and the people rejoiceeatand drink while bathing in sea waterMost also attended various folk games such asboat races and the other filled with joy and togetherness.

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