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Panai' : How Expensive to Marry a Woman of Bugis Makassar

Cultural traditions of marriage in South Sulawesi is not separated values ​​to be considered in the wedding as social status, economic, and cultural values ​​of each of the families of men and women.
In South Sulawesi, one thing that became typical in the wedding to be held that money up or by the local people called Panai '. Money Panai 'This is the amount of money given by the groom to the bride which is a form of appreciation and respect for the norms of reality and social strata.
Panai money 'is not counted as a marriage dowry but as customary money but somewhat obliged to the amount agreed to by both parties or family.

Money Panai 'to marry women Bugis-Makassar known very expensive. Social strata of women and education levels usually become standard in the determination of the amount of money to apply. So, if the bride is a blood descendant of blue (royal family Tallo, Gowa or Bone), then the money will rise tens of millions. Likewise, if the level of education bride is S1, S2, or a doctor, it will apply the same thing.

The family (father or mother's brother), has an important influence in decisions regarding the amount of money Panai 'and dowry. Not infrequently, because the issues are complicated in this case makes loving couples usually take the final step, namely 'eloped (silariang), as a shortcut to stay together.
If the amount of money demanded rises would be met by the groom, it will be a prestige (honor) to the woman's family. Honor in question are taste award given by the groom to the woman he wanted to marry by providing a magnificent feast for marriage through Panai money '.

The amount of money Panai 'which depend on the level of social and educational strata bride in terms of the role of the family of the prospective bride. Wade, C. and Travis, C. (2007) explains that the role of a social position that is governed by a set of norms which later showed appropriate behavior.

For men who are also local or tribe of Bugis-Makassar, meet the amount of money Panai 'can also be seen as a cultural practice siri', so a woman who truly loves become a very big motivation to meet the amount of money Panai 'are in require. Motivation can be defined as a motivating factor in human beings originating in this case to meet the amount of money Panai ', which would then affect the way a person acts. Thus, work motivation will affect his performance at work.

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