Friday, 5 September 2014

Little Paradise in Takabonerate

Takabonerate National Park located in South Sulawesi Takabonerate Selayar District is one of the most beautiful marine park in Indonesia. Takabonerate known to have the largest coral atoll in Asia , and the third largest in the world after Kwajalein Atoll and Suvadiva .
Takabonerate is an island that offers an abundance of stunning views of the sea floor , such as the climbing wall contours , slope , and a flat seabed . Atolnya form a coral reef with various species of marine plants are very beautiful that as many as 261 species are known to exist . This atoll is formed from the submerged mountain about 2,000 meters below sea level . All are beautiful coral reefs and relatively stillutuh.Semua it will give an amazing experience , especially for fans of divers or dive . Marine park Takabonerate save natural resources and pristine sea unspoiled .

Takabonerate is the name of a district in Selayar Regency , South Sulawesi . Consists of small islands with a very clean sandy beach putih.Takabonerate formed from three words: taka means rock , “bone” means sand, and “rate” means above. So , Takabonerate means a stretch of coral on the sand .
What is interesting from the beaches , atolls stretching in the sea (coral islands) throughout 220,000 acres . Being the third longest in the world after Kwajifein in the Marshal Islands and Suvadiva Moldiva Islands . In addition , the sea is also inhabited marine animals large and rare .
Residents Takabonerate consists of ethnic Makassar , Bugis , and Flores . They generally work as fishermen . It is unfortunate because most of them look for fish with extreme ways : using explosives which then destroys coral island in the sea .
Over the habit, the National Park employees Takabonerate trying to establish communication with the citizens , especially fishermen , so as not to catch fish by damaging .
Takabonerate tourism now is a mainstay of South Sulawesi . On one of the islands named Tinabo , for example , that is great feels passionate tourism . Many inns are established to serve local or foreign tourists .
In Takabonerate sea can still be found Takabonerate endangered species such as flatworms , nudibranchs , shrimp , fish crocodiles , turtles , squid , at almost every point dive . The landscape was very exotic with a wide expanse of white sand and clear sea water bath turquoise crystal .
Since 8 years ago , foreign investors have set up a joint venture investment with Takabonerate Islands Nationals Park or a company registered in South Sulawesi as a medium to facilitate the development of attractions in this area .
Tourists can enjoy and feel the beauty Takabonarate for the best travel season , the month of April to June and October to December each year .

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