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Mallonggaq, A ghost repellent ritual into a children's game

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Mallongga loosely derived from the word that names a kind of genie spirits are very high body shape, wherein said longgaq interpreted also with high or tall. In connection with this naming, DR. BF Matthes in his book "Bijdragen Tot De Ethnologie Van Zuid Celebes", suggests that the possibility Mallonggaq derived from the name of a giant stealth.

Mallonggaq is a traditional game that favored people in general because it is quite interesting and exciting. See shapes and how to play, Mallonggaq including types of sports games. Mallonggaq game equipment consisting of two bamboo sticks stronger and longer than twice the height of around 3 meters. Bamboo length depending on the age level and the courage of a player. At the bottom of the bamboo stem, height 60 cm, there is a piece of wood into the second leg footing players.

In connection with the function Mallonggaq, DR. BF Matthes, based on the research results, suggests that the first possibility of this game is a form of performing a ceremony or ritual practice.

In traditional Bugis community life from past, the organization of this game relates to a magical problems which must not be separated from the people who mystical religious beliefs. Among others, can be seen in the function of the game which is considered as an antidote to the disease. If the sector in the village there is a disease that is rampant, the seven men from the village dressed in white clothes sort talqun do Malonggaq to seven times around the village with the intention of casting out evil spirits that caused the outbreak. In this way they are sure that Longgaq ie good spirits it thinks it would help them.

In further developments, especially when Islam is widespread in Bugis society, then this ritual tradition does not work anymore, but do to just play among children and adolescents.
On the origins of this game has not been established properly, because in addition to the Bugis area, also found in several other areas such as the Minahasa and Mongondou in North Sulawesi called Mogilangkadan. Mori in Palu and Poso call Motilako, on the island of Java, known as stilts. The game is also available in Buton Island in Southeast Sulawesi and Sumatra.

DR. BF Matthes argued that Mallonggaq found also in the Philippines, Malaysia and Japan. Based on this distribution, Matthes estimated that Mallonggaq in South Sulawesi is likely to come from the Philippines through North Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. Furthermore Mathhes said the possibility Mallonggaq in Indonesia older than the Hindu culture, as is found in many places that are not influenced by Hindu culture. Race among Polynesians, Mallonggaq is one of the important cultural representing the development of civilization in Asia in the past.

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