Friday, 24 April 2015

Cockfighting Tradition, Save Human Dignity

Manuk Massaung derived from Bugis language. Saung word means pitted and manuk which means Cock. Massaung Manuk or cockfighting is a cultural tradition in Indonesia, especially in South Sulawesi. Massaung Manuk usually done to enliven parties eg marriage customs, the inauguration of the kings, and when the harvest feast of rice drying in the field.

In the past, this is the game cockfighting craze nobility in general and can also be viewed by the general public. Among kings sometimes hold a match between kingdoms, namely by inviting kings alliance for mutual cock pit their favorite animals.

Some of the older literature in Lontaraq that also in relation to the traditional public confidence, disabung told that the chicken is not arbitrary, but which has been given a spell or incantation in addition to being treated carefully for the sake of prestige owners.

Age game on Massaung Manuk is already very old and found in almost every corner of the archipelago. According to folklore Bugis, which in ancient times was a man cockpit, which was organized by the kings / entertainment royalty as well as to get Tobarani (the brave). One of risking human history is found in an old manuscript in the beginning of civilization Makassar in Gantarang Keke Bantaeng district, South Sulawesi.

With the passage of time and a thriving civilization, the human race finally deemed too cruel and degrading, then digantilah the game Cockfighting. Bugis traditional society believes that by continuing to see the game and blood, it would add courage and magic.

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