Monday, 23 March 2015

The village only in Indonesia, which Forbid Smoking

 Bone-bone village is a remote village located Latimojong mountainous region, Enrekang South Sulawesi. The village is located in the district of Baraka, as far as 50 km from the city Enrekang and about 250 km from Makassar. Bone-bone village is a national pilot areas in the vision and mission of health. Bone-bone village located at an altitude of 1500 m / asl, Environment and Natural picturesque village with typical cool mountain air and clean.
Bone -bone village is known as the first village in Indonesia, even in Asia , which issued strict rules are non-smoking areas and ban no cigarettes in its territory . The Head Village’s was named Idris was the first to initiate a rule and the ban since the 90’s , it was agreed by the villagers through deliberation gradually. 
Gradually , the head of the village managed to instill the principle that smoking has no benefits at all and cigarettes became goods ” forbidden ” territory . None at all this kampong sellers who sell cigarettes . Guests who came were asked not to smoke in the area so if you want to smoke , guests are directed to exit the village border region .
Rules of the smoking ban is not applied orally, but in almost every corner of the village notice board emblazoned about healthy living , and other wrote about to stay off cigarettes . If there are people who violate this rule will be subject to the social sanctions , one of which is cleaning the village temples during the agreed time .
The village chief , Idris , recognizes that since the smoking ban enforced in Bone -bone village , community activities work to be very enterprising and as a result, the village economy , too, has increased dramatically. Bone -bone village area of approximately 800 hectares of the region is dominated robusta crop , managed to increase agricultural production , far exceeding the target with a high-quality coffee production .
Several times , Idris even invited to the national and international event for meeting forum to bring production of coffee from his village , as one of the flagship products of South Sulawesi are worth being promoted . Local government of Enrekang was very impressed with the revolution of social interaction made ​​by the head of the village with a very simple way , which reduce or even eliminate the smoking habit resulting social effects that could benefit the economic development aspects of society in general . Local governments also follow this way and be applied in general to date .

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