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Horse Dancing Party with Tambourine

The event this year is basically a traditional party, its uniqueness is about 20 to 100 horses that will be dancing, swaying to the typical tambourine. At the top of each horse saddle, standing female traditional dress with amazing balance. Each time these cultural events organized, always drawing attention to people watch. This unique custom party can only be found in soil mandar West Sulawesi.

Basically, the implementation of Saeyyang Pattudduq tradition for the Mandar in West Sulawesi is a positive appreciation of the public in this case parents of children who have final / finished reading his Quran. Its presence is more of a motivation that when the child finished your lessons and soon he will be paraded around the village with a smart horse riding dance. Saeyyang in language Mandar is a horse and Pattudduq was dancing so Saeyyang Pattuqduq means horse dancing.

Pattudduq horses used in such a way garnished like saddler king will cruise to the kingdom. Similarly, people who rode it, decorated using traditional clothes with shaded umbrella Mandar honor the call with the term Lallang Totamma. This event in the title like a festive celebration of a marriage, even exceed it. Horses are used quite special because special maintained and energy is not used as it should be.

foto: Mr. Funk Photographer - Kompadansa Mandar

For the people of Mandar, seal Qur'an and custom events Saeyyang Pattuduq have a close affinity with one another. This event they remain well preserved, even Mandar tribal communities living outside the West Sulawesi would voluntarily return to his hometown in order to follow the event. The highlight seal the Qur'an with traditional party held Saeyyang Pattuduq has its own charm with a procession around the village horse ridden by children who have completed the final Koran. The horses will follow the rhythm of the moving party and were able to walk while dancing to the music, the beat of a tambourine, and a string of typical Mandar poem that accompanies the procession.

When sitting on a horse, the participants who took part Saeyyang Pattuduq will follow the procedures applicable standard set for generations. In Saeyyang Pattuduq, riders called Pessawe, sitting with one leg bent back, knees facing forward, while the other leg bent at the knee faced upward and the foot rests on horseback. People who assist and lead a horse called Pesarung to maintain balance when the horse ridden by dancing. Being of people who follow while continuously chanting rhymes called Pakkalinda'daq. Drummer for musical accompaniment called Parewana.

foto: Disbudpar Polman
Participants Saeyyang Pattuduq will follow the rhythm of the horse liukan dancing with half his body lifted up while shaking legs and shook his head in order to create a harmonious movement and charming.

Pakkalinda'daq standing in the front, right next to the horse's head and read the poem in a language is mandated along the procession made. Poem spoken word or phrase that contains funny and always greeted the audience with the reply, shouts, remarks, or applause. In front of horse there tambourine player who numbered 6-12 people. This group continues to play the tambourine with a certain rhythm while often prancing, dancing horse escort. Blow tambourine usually will pause when Pakkalinda'da say rhymes.

Along with the development, the role and function Saeyyang Pattuqduq also experiencing growth. Saeyyang pattuqduq is no longer reserved for children who already seal the Quran. The role and function has now shifted towards the strengthening of cultural identity Mandar. Since serve as supporting local Tourism, Saeyyang Pattuqduq become an annual event organizing cultural festival of West Sulawesi. The participants collected is no longer local but there are also coming from outside the district, even outside the province of West Sulawesi.

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