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Sandeq: Traditional boat fastest in the world

Sleek sailboat that uses outrigger is an icon of West Sulawesi maritime tradition and the onlyculture Mandar tribe that has been popular in the national and even international scale.Sandeq is a traditional boat fastest ever inAustronesianaccording to researchers fromGermany, Horst H Liebnerboat Sandeq known for toughness in the face of the wind andwaves of the open sea when wading.Traditional boat of this Mandar been selectedto represent Indonesia in the Tonnerres Lesspectacular de Brest Festival 2012 in Bretagne,France12 people joined Sandeq boatvoyagers sailing ship 2500 from around the world were held on July 13 to 19 of 2012.

E Horst Liebnera German who appreciates Sandeq as the story starts from the first time he saw agility Sandeq in 1989 He then came to research in 1994 in CilallangdanTanangan to see first hand the manufacturing and shipping process Sandeq boat.The idea Sandeq race was started in 1995, when he asked one of the boat builders,What can be done to raise this Sandeq existence?” The makers then repliedSandeqrace“. Since thenthe festival Sandeq done every year for the brazing of historythatthis boat one of the Sulawesi maritime heritage trail of the glory of the past which stillremain stable.
Sandeq boat became one of the national asset and has been exhibited in ParisFrance,also dimuseumkan at the Museum d’Histoire Naturelle with the name “Spirit Mandar“.The design of this boat has a 3000-year old maritime history was the inspiration for the development of the western navalwhich looks at the design of the trimaran andcatamaran boats.
The process is mostdesirable event every yearin the festival SandeqisSandeq RaceSandeqRace is a race where agilitySandeq ship sailing shipwhich is claimed as the fastest in the world on displaySandeq speedboats can reach speeds of 15 to 29 knotsAs in the previous Sandeq festivalSandeqRace will take the coastal route to South and anchored to Losari Beach Makassar.
Sandeq boat has now become one of the Indonesian national asset and the boat has been exhibited in ParisFrance, has also been kept in the Museum d’Histoire Naturellewith the name “Spirit Mandar“. The design of this boat has a 3000 years old and inmaritime historyoutrigger canoe is the inspiration for the development of the westernnavalwhich looks at the design of the trimaran and catamaran boats.

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