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Sisemba, Tradition of Kicking Each Other

When the sun is still peeking interrupted dim morning fog that blanketed the mountains of North Toraja Tikala, hundreds of people flocked into the visible expanse of rice fieldsafter harvest. Society came to witness the event that the harvest feast tradition Sisemba ‘, a tradition unique Toraja society in which people kick each other kickingconducted in bulk.

The women who attended also come with a variety of food typical Toraja called Piongor bamboo rice. 
The bamboo rice is the main ingredient in binge eating joint calledma’piong tradition. In the village of Ludhiana district Tikala KandeApi districts of North Toraja in South Sulawesi, cultural tradition is still preserved primarily in celebrating the harvest. In proses, a variety of typical food served, dance or danceperformances ma ‘gellu, pounding rice tradition known as ma’lambuk into a series ofmajor events.
The peak of the harvest party is the most awaited Sisemba. Sisemba ‘in Toraja meanseach kick. Sisemba ‘is a tradition of kicking is done by hundreds of open field and eachlunge impressed without rules. In the history of the process, many people who sufferedinjuries and broken bones, but this tradition continues captivate the generations that.
When the show started, one of the local traditional leaders held a customary discourse(ma’parapa ‘) which contains the message ancestors and indigenous farmingprocedures are still embraced by the local community. When the dance or dancesma’gellu exhibited typical Toraja, a sign of the harvest ritual was about to begin.Me’gellu tradition is a dance of joy and gratitude were Ma’lambuk tradition or a mortarto pound rice believed to be a symbol for the midges sakralitas rice, the higher therhythm of the mortar, the more pests are expelled.
When Sisemba was ready to be done, all the people from different regions gathered ineach group and prepared struggling. Spontaneous each lunge ensued, punches soundheard endless accompanied by loud shouts.  
Although impressed anarchist traditionsisemba but it still has rules that had fallen opponent can no longer be kicked and themain thing is there should be no rancor between them. “When I dare to be shot 100%,the body is definitely sore but it’s okay, this is definitely a risk every part,” said Yohanis,one of the participants Sisemba ‘this. Tradition sisemba rely Hank dropped leg strengthfor each opponent. Each participant pairs and hold hands to get the brunt of the forcestronger. They were trying to knock the opponent from different directions andpositions even hit each other simultaneously.
This tradition is an indigenous demands for local residents with the confidence inspiringfor abundant harvests in the future. If it does not hold the tradition of the citizenbelieves sisemba party next harvest will fail. “Thanksgiving is a harvest festival heldevery year since neneng ancestors. Never happen not even held ma’semba andconsequently decreased rice yields, “said ISAC padangsulle, an indigenous leader inkandeapi.
In the process of struggling sisemba, the traditional leaders to intervene at the center ofthe camp participants were considered to violate the rules. Interestingly, although manywere wounded and full of emotion, but the emotion of the participants are only in thearena sisemba. If tradition has ended sisemba participants were dispersed without saving resentment each other.
Sisemba culture ‘is a form of tradition where sportsmanship is upheld. Violence is aform of philosophy shown how man must face life with a bang, but run in accordancewith the rules.
(reporter: Yahya maulana / editor: Indra Mae / photo: letmeshowyouaround)

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