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Prehistoric Man and Cave Paintings in Maros

Toala tribe or tribal Pannei, is the name of an ancient indigenous community that are found in Maros and Pangkep district in South Sulawesi.

Toala tribe is a native of South Sulawesi who inhabited village in Lomoncong Leang Pata'E located at the end of Maros district. Toala tribe itself into a minority community in the village of Leang-Leang which is mainly inhabited by ethnic Bugis living from agriculture mostly working the fields and livestock. Furthermore Toala tribal communities is also available in the district and county Pangkep Polewali. Toala tribe, in the district and county Pangkep Polewali better known as Pannei tribe.

By race, ethnicity Toala somewhat different from the other tribes in Sulawesi. They have Weddoid races, such as the faction and Lubu in Sumatra. They have dark skin, curly hair and body size are not high, around 150 cm. According to the researchers, people Toala is the oldest tribe in South Sulawesi, even the oldest on the island of Sulawesi.

Toala tribes have been present on earth since the days Mezolithicum Sulawesi, namely the young stone age, approximately 5000 years ago, in fact there are researchers who say that Toala tribal ancestors have been there around 8000 BCE. Toala tribe considered the first inhabitants of the island of Sulawesi, Sulawesi island while still fused with mainland Southeast Asia, according to the theory of glaciers. They are present in several waves in small groups, spread to all parts of Indonesia Purba. Traces of ancient Toala tribes are also in Southeast Sulawesi, so that they also considered the first inhabitants in the Southeast.

In a cave in Maros, its name is Leang-Leang, on the walls of the cave height of 800 m, is found there are many former picture palms and soles of the feet of men. In addition there is also a picture boat, deer and wild boar. These are traces of human beings living in the stone age. The paintings were suspected of being a relic of ancient tribal ancestors Toala in the past. According to researchers at Leang-Leang that fathers Toala rate it as a place to stay. The road leading to the cave in the form of stone stairs as much as 999 pieces. In the Leang-Leang Cave is also found flakes (end arrowheads jagged edges).

Tribe Toala (Pannei) is currently estimated to have a population of 250,000 people. Their social life, in their living as farmers. They manage rice crops in the fields. Most of them also chose the profession as a fisherman. In addition, some of them become artisans who produce a variety of crafts.

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