Monday, 23 March 2015

Giant Swing in Bugis Ritual

Four large bamboo stalks of bamboo trees kind of betung that have crossed the high tens of meters installed by bringing the two ends of each on the top. A bamboo then mounted transversely as a buffer rope swing from buffalo leather material that has been dried and plaited to form a rope . Then become a giant swing , which in Bugis land called TOJANG or Mattojang , which means swinging .
Mattojang for traditional Bugis society , said to be part of a series of traditional ceremonies washing the heirlooms heritage. However, over the development period , Mattojang become customary game Bugis people to enliven parties certain customs like the Harvest celebrations , wedding celebration or the birth of a baby . Complementary facilities has changes, too , but keep the original shape .

Apart from being a game , Mattojang also become a ritual healing process of psychiatric illnesses . A person affected by the disease are considered non-medical , must first undergo certain rituals of the treatment process the ” smart ” . After going through the process of non-medical as well , people who are ill later in Tojang . With a body swinging in the air it is believed the disease could be floated out . In terms of psychology , people swinging in the height of tens of meters can experience a kind of ecstasy emptiness of mind .
Birth of custom game Mattojang associated with a very powerful myth believed by Bugis society today that Mattojang is a process that is the first of human when down on the earth. ( Descent Batara ‘ Teacher of Foreign heaven to Earth ) . Batara ‘ Teachers in Bugis culture myth is the grandmother of Sawerigading . Sawerigading himself is the father of La Galigo , Bugis mythological figure who spawned the famous monumental masterpiece in the world of the book La Galigo .
Today, the ritual Mattojang can still be obtained in Bugis land like in Sidrap , Sengkang District and West Sulawesi . The process was modified where someone who wants to climb to the top of the seat ( Bugis : Tudangeng ) must first be wearing traditional dresses called bodo clothes . Afterwards, he could at tojang . The audience in attendance at the event venue can also climb to the top of Tudangeng it in turns to be swung . Peppa swing towing or pulled by two men or women to swing the person who is sitting on Tudangeng .
Ritual Mattojang philosophically in Bugis meaningful public confidence calming the soul . People who do Mattojang will get calm to soul like a sleeping baby on the swing . 

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