Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Leang Cabbu, Nirvana for Rock Climber

Leang Cabbu , village – lopi Lopi is one area that prehistoric remnant located in Maros regency of South Sulawesi about 40 km from Makassar. Its location at the center region of karst cliffs towering giant surrounded by a vast expanse of paddy fields and lush forests . This region is one of the nature reserves and archaeological conservation land protected by national parks of Bantimurung .

Lopi Lopi has exotic natural scenery and stunning , unique charm with a beautiful natural setting and distinctive cool mountain air . In addition to offering beautiful natural views and unique , there are natural caves among a grove of forest covering most of the surface of the ridge . In this area , many view will founded with natural ornaments of ancient well preserved among other Rammang – rammang , Stone Forest and other frequently visited to the needs and nature conservation .

Social life the people in Lopi-lopi quiet walk among the rows of giant karst cliffs that , their hereditary land use for agriculture because of the abundant water resources flowing from the cliffs and surrounding tributaries . In addition to be used as farmland , Lopi – lopi also be a poultry farm which is very promising . Environment clean and there are no known contaminants that damage ecosystems industry . Indeed most of the surrounding communities are farmers and ranchers .
Leang Cabbu , lopi Lopi – has been popular to foreign countries because of the location of the most -loved by the community of adventurers and nature lovers especially fans of rock climbing . Almost every week , region – lopi Lopi frequented by most of the students who come from outside the city of Makassar South Sulawesi even for the adventurous and try out the rest of the karst cliffs of this antiquity . In addition to channeling desire adventure , visitors are also more than happy just to simply enjoy nature Panorama Leang Cabbu natural so they are willing to stay for long .
Karst cliff wall contour – lopi Lopi has a slope that varies according to the ability of rock climbers , climbing area Large selection could be an alternative . The atmosphere lopi Lopi – also very fun because it was cool and beautiful scenery dominated by shades of green rice fields and lush forests . There are many sources of clean water so no need to worry even if it means living in the open .
Surrounding communities are known lopi Lopi – friendly in welcoming visitors to their site . Instead make the most of their home as a place to stay temporarily or Home stay and socialize without disturbing their everyday activities . Despite supporting facilities in – lopi Lopi is very simple but remains one of the favorite places for nature tourism or adventure primarily for outdoor activists .

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